Why Try Yoga?

Yoga is the philosophy and practice of recognizing and honoring the underlying union of all things. Although this often begins as a physical exploration, the core of yoga practice is simply learning to cultivate awareness.
This development of awareness is the source of many of yoga’s benefits: increased focus, ability to respond positively to stress and compassion for yourself and others. It can be practiced sitting in a chair, in bed, while walking, or in any other posture you choose.
The best part? Yoga practice can have a positive impact on your well being in as little as 10 minutes a day! Why not treat yourself to a free class today?

rabbit meditating

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hands around a heart, symbolizing trauma informed care

Yoga is for Everyone

Yes, even you. No matter what physical, emotional, mental or socioeconomic challenges you may be facing, there are many ways to enjoy yoga.
I don’t subscribe to the notion that physical strength and flexibility = advanced yoga practice. I feel that the rewards of yoga are available to all who seek them with sincerity. This applies no matter what means of practice (physical, mental or devotional) is used to seek enlightenment.

I’m an advocate for safe and brave spaces for those who need yoga most: people affected by trauma and oppression.  I passionately support the missions of racial equity, disability inclusion, LGBTQIA+ rights, body positivity and trauma informed care for all.

I know what it’s like to not be able to afford access to these resources. Donation optional community classes are offered every week and sliding-scale pricing is available for all classes. I also offer scholarships that cover  the cost of classes for those in need. Preference is given to individuals with marginalized identities and those facing difficult circumstances, but all are welcome to inquire. Send me a message and we can explore your options together.

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About your teacher

My name is Lake. I am an artist, a queer non-binary person (they/them pronouns) and a lover of plants and animals. My home is located on the land of the Wangunk and Saukiog tribes in what is now Central Connecticut. I have been using yoga philosophy, postures, breath work and meditation as tools to better understand myself since 2009.

Yoga has been a refuge from the darkest parts of my life. It has also given me the tools to understand and embrace the challenges I’ve faced. Yoga is the reason I was able to stop smoking cigarettes, end years of panic attacks and begin to be at peace with not being in control of my life.

Determined to share this gift with others, I completed from my 200-hr training at Sacred Rivers Yoga in 2016. I have since taught in studios and gyms, but ultimately realized that those models don’t serve students or teachers well.

I launched my online business in early 2022 to create an affordable, comfortable environment for exploring movement, breath and existing as a conscious being. My goal is to aid others in creating practical personal rituals that nourish and honor the beautiful, divine being within all of us.

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“Lake has this exceptional way of allowing you to let go of what you know and just experience the flow”

Val Roberts