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Simple yoga for diverse minds and bodies

I need to tell you something important:

You are a beautiful, strong, intelligent and capable person. And you are perfect exactly how you are.

You probably don’t need yoga to be happy and healthy, but there is a good chance that slowing down, breathing and moving can enrich your personal experience. You deserve a break from your day to get to know yourself better. And you don’t need athletic ability or years of practice to achieve that.

My yoga classes are a supportive space for developing awareness and tools for whatever you may be dealing with. I keep instructions simple and provide options for creating a practice that suits your unique needs. All of my classes can be practiced in a chair or on a mat from the comfort of your home. It’s never been easier to join, no matter where you are!

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Hello, Everyone!

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Lake Amara Buckner


RYT-200 Yoga Teacher

I’m Lake

I am an anxious nerd that has found a lot of joy and peace through yoga practice. I’d like to give you tools that I have gained on my journey in hope that you may find the same. I recognize that no two people are alike, so I work hard to keep assumptions and judgments about what your practice ‘should’ be out of my teaching.

Nobody knows your physical and emotional experience better than you do. You should be encouraged to observe and explore your internal environment at your own pace, on your own terms. I want to help you become your own teacher. Likewise, I want to help you nourish, support and admire yourself. Because you deserve it. You have complete freedom in how you choose to interact with all of my classes, public and private. I offer many ideas and suggestions, but I ultimately want you to trust yourself and your ability to understand what your body needs. Do what works; ignore what doesn’t.

Because I am painfully aware of the inequities of the wellness industry, I am committed to keeping these teachings available to people of all backgrounds and financial circumstances. I’m also dedicated to removing bias, stigma and exclusive language from the space I hold for my students. Yoga is, above all, love and compassion for all living things. All are welcome here. ❤

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