Class Policies

Note: All classes are currently taking place online. If/when that changes, this page will be updated to include in-person specific policy.


Do what makes you feel good

Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This is a supportive place for you to explore your own body and its movement at your pace. Any exercise or pose I introduce is a suggestion only. If something doesn’t feel right, try adjusting your position, asking for help, or stopping entirely. Taking a break and resting is always valid at any point during class. You also always have the right to leave class at any point without explanation. I will happily welcome you back if/when you are ready to return.


Support your practice however you’d like

Props are encouraged but not required for any class. You can participate seated in a chair, or standing/seated on a mat and can change back and forth throughout class as needed. Yoga blocks and straps are great tools for making postures safer and more comfortable. If you do not have access to blocks or bolsters, pillows, blankets and large, sturdy books (like textbooks) make adequate replacements.


Only say “hi!” if you want to

You are not required to turn on your camera or interact with the group in order to participate in class. If you choose to use your microphone, please mute yourself upon entering the room, particularly if arriving after class has started. I sign on 10-15 minutes before and after class where you are welcome to use your microphone to introduce yourself, make requests for the class or give feedback. Interaction in all forms is welcome during class as long as it is not overly disruptive.


But don’t be shy when you need help!

If you need help or clarification, you are welcome to do so via the “hand raising” feature, typing in chat, or enabling your microphone and saying “Hi Lake, I need help!”. Please don’t hesitate to speak up if you are experiencing technical or other issues. I want all of us to get the most out of our time together and do not want anyone to feel short changed on a lesson that they paid for.

Ahimsa Policy

(This one is so important that it has its own section)

The space provided here for our practice and the people who are its stewards (myself and other wonderful people in my life) are dedicated to upholding Ahimsa above all other policies. अहिंसा or ahiṃsā is the principle of non-injury or non-violence towards all beings, including ourselves, other people, plants, animals and the planet. This is meant to be one of the foundational steps for yoga practice and will be enforced in all classes and communication with members of this community.

Simply put: be kind and respectful to others above all else. If you accidentally offend someone, be humble and apologize. Don’t be intentionally negative or hostile to others. Make an honest attempt to consider the feelings and experiences of others when choosing your words. This is meant to be a forgiving, loving space that is free from harassment for people of all lifestyles, cultures and statuses.

Consciously upholding the fair treatment of all beings is our duty as yoga practitioners. I thank you in advance for honoring this agreement and actually contributing to making this world an easier place to live for all of us.


Scope of Practice

I am committed to serving you, a participant in my space, faithfully while staying in my professional scope of practice and respecting both of our limitations, boundaries and unique qualities.


I am not a doctor or any other kind of medical professional. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, “fix” or heal you.

My formal qualifications allow me to instruct postural Hatha Yoga, breathing exercises in the form of Yoga Pranayama, meditation techniques and tools for self study.

Other services I offer are based solely on research I’ve done, or on my personal, anecdotal experience. I make no claims towards the efficacy, benefits or authenticity of any system outside of proven traditional yogic practices.

Yoga Claims and Benefits

I feel that yoga is a complementary wellness modality to regular medical care, including physicals and other preventative care with a physician, working with a therapist or counselor and exercise and bodywork with qualified fitness professionals, physical therapists and massage therapists. Yoga is not a replacement for any of these services and has a much higher chance for producing positive results when supported by these practices.

I do not believe that yoga practice will fix your problems, body or mind, mostly because I don’t believe any of those things are broken.

Yoga, above all else, is a system of re-framing your relationship to the world around you. It is about learning to be at peace in life (and within yourself) by accepting that all states of existence are valid and sometimes a necessary means for growth. The goal of practice less about “becoming better” and more about recognizing that we are deeply connected to our universe and every other being within it. This state of unity helps us recognize the value of selfless service to others and the freedom of being less attached to outcomes and expectations of how things ‘should be’.

When we focus on gratitude for our experience we often find that life feels easier and more enjoyable, even if our circumstances have not changed. This is not yoga fixing or healing you: this is self acceptance and unconditional love that you’ve  always possessed, but forgot how to access.

I promise to never promote unproven benefits of yoga, meditation or any other discipline or area of study that I may discuss.

Yoga Safety

The yoga I teach is slow and gentle, but not entirely without risk.

Movement, physical activity, exercise and similar disciplines that “yoga” may fall under are potentially dangerous activities that carry and inherent risk of injury. It is advised to have the guidance of a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise, movement or yoga program.

A Waiver of Liability must be filled out and returned before attending class for the first time. Find out more here.

Student Agreements

By participating in yoga lessons on this website, in the form of group classes, private lessons or by prerecorded video, you agree to all of the following:

  • I will try my best to be compassionate with myself.
  • I won’t push myself into space that is not currently accessible to my body or mind.
  • I will stop doing any motion that is causing me discomfort. I will change the way I’m (sitting/standing/moving), ask for help or take a break from activity and rest.
  • I’ll try not to compare myself to others, or versions of myself from any time but now. I will do my best not to put myself or my body down for not meeting my idea of what I or it “should” be.
  • I will be open to examining my (potentially) unrealistic expectations of myself. I’m willing to explore ways to develop a practice of loving myself unconditionally, exactly the way I am now.
  • I will intentionally give kindness to others as an act of self love. I recognize that my experience is a mirror and can only reflect the energy that I put into it.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

Life tends to surprise us with unexpected changes. I aim to take a compassionate stance with my private lessons and offer a flexible cancellation plan for all students that allows a full refund of your appointment fee when you cancel at least 24 hours before our lesson.

Classes that are cancelled at least 12 hours before our lesson are eligible for a 50% cash refund or issued a full class credit for another date of your choice. Any appointment cancelled less than 6 hours before class is *only* eligible for a partial class credit.

Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis, solely at my discretion.

This policy applies to private lessons only. If you can’t make a group class that you’ve paid for, contact me to get a refund or apply the cost to a future class.

24+ hours  before class

full cash refund

12+ hours before class

50% cash refund


full class credit for a later date

6 hours or less before class

50% class credit for a later date only