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It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to get my blog started. But, I’m finally here now and that is worth celebrating. 🥳

If you’re reading this, you may have some interest in yoga, or learning about, or working with me. I hope this introduction provides some clarity about who I am, how I got here and how that has shaped the classes I teach and the space that I hold for others. If anything in this post sparks your interest, please check out my offerings page, reach out via my contact form, or subscribe to my newsletter for updates on future offerings.

My Identities

I am a queer, non-binary person person living in a body that is white, thin, neurodivergent and has some invisible disabilities. I’m as US citizen, fluent in English and have had some access to secondary education, despite living most of my life with little financial resources. I am an SA and DV survivor and I live with the challenges of disordered eating. My ACEs score is 9/10.

My existence, like many others, is a complex tapestry of both privilege and oppression. My goal in sharing the various facets of my identity is to raise awareness of how few of these things are apparent by looking at me (or anyone else). It’s also my duty to acknowledge that the parts of me that are most visible are also those with the most power in our society.

I am dedicated to using the privilege I have and the resources that come with it to make the spaces I hold (and the rest of the world) a safer, more enjoyable place for all living beings. I believe that is the job of all yoga teachers, facilitators and wellness professionals and my job as a person who belongs to the dominant culture of this planet.

Land Acknowledgement

My homeland, Quinnehtukqut, Land of the Long, Tidal River, (Colonized as central Connecticut) is located on the ancestral lands of the Wangunk, Podunk, Saukiog, Poquonook, Tunxis, and many other tribal nations. Many of these tribes were decimated by smallpox epidemics and violent acts of colonization in the 1600s. Those that survived sought refuge within existing tribes within the state, or migrated to Oneida, New York (and later Wisconsin) or to Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma. This was not by choice, but by pressure and coercion from European settlers that wanted more land for themselves.

Connecticut is currently home to just 5 tribes, three of which are yet to receive any federal recognition or funding. I recognize that my ability to live and make a living on this land would not be possible without the sacrifices (intentional or otherwise) of the indigenous people who inhabited this space before me. I aim to contribute a portion of all business proceeds to the tribes (within and outside Connecticut) that are still in operation in honor of this an encourage others to do the same.

Schaghticoke Tribal NationMohegan TribeMashantucket (Western) Pequot Tribal NationEastern Pequot Tribal NationGolden Hill Paugussett Reservation –  Brothertown Indian Nation

Cultural and Caste Acknowledgement

As a white person of predominantly western European heritage, I claim no cultural ties to the practice of yoga and have a deep respect for the custodians who have protected this tradition, often at the cost of their lives and safety. I have never visited or studied in India. I do not have a guru or an intact lineage of traditional practice.

My goal in studying and spreading these teachings is to create better access to tools of healing for people who have been excluded or overlooked by ‘modern yoga culture’. I will never claim yoga as my own, or present myself as anything other than a person who has collected and studied teachings and techniques from a variety of brilliant teachers, past and present.

I also recognize that Yoga, even in it’s most ‘authentic’ traditional form is based on values that are still used to oppress those who do not fall within a favorable range of “spiritual purity” as determined by the caste system. We cannot separate the teachings of Hinduism and Yoga from the reality of caste oppression. I am aware that, as a person born into Western culture, I have more access to Yoga, Hinduism and Sanskrit than the majority of caste-oppressed people. I am committed to having difficult conversations surrounding the reality of caste oppression and supporting and uplifting activists working in this area (I’m looking at you, Equality Labs ♥)

My Interests (or things I want you to know about me)


A rainbow colored illustration of a handshake with a big heart behind it.

I am anti-capitalism, anti-racism, a prison abolitionist and a Transformative Justice activist.

I’m also a new business owner and living in the contradiction of operating within a system I don’t support. I strive to make my business as equitable as possible. I’m motivated by helping others, not profit.

An illustration of three rabbits with different color markings. A brown rabbit with a white nose, an all white rabbit and a black rabbit with a white wedge pattern.

I am the Director of Operations and Education for Everybunny Counts Rabbit Rescue and a proud rescue bunny parent.

Caring for neglected animals  has been a profound source of joy in my life. It has taught me so much about the power of compassion and the role of agency in trauma healing.

An illustration of a person sitting cross-legged in the forest with plants growing from their hands and head, symbolizing a connection to nature.

I revere life in all of its beautiful forms as an act of earth worship. Connection with nature is an essential part of my healing journey and life.

I’m an amateur botanist, insect and fungus photographer and a student of herbalism. I am passionate about conservation and biodiversity.

An illustration of three people extending their arms to touch each other's shoulders. The first person has medium brown hair and a yellow shirt. The next has long black hair and a red shirt. The third person has red hair and a purple shirt.

I’m a communication and conflict resolution nerd who practices active listening, co-counseling, Non-Violent Communication and Embodied Empathy.

Building healthier relationships and communities and supporting others doing this work is one of my greatest passions.

Am illustration of a group of people huddled together surrounded by hearts. Behind them is a large rainbow, holding them all together.

I am choice positive, sex work positive, addiction and mental health positive. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies without judgment.

This space celebrates the diversity of human experience. You and your unique journey are welcome here.

An illustration of a person writing at a desk, surrounded by images representing their distractions and what they want to focus on.

Attention and focus have always been an area of struggle for me. My drive to overcome the limitations of my ADHD has helped me develop organizational tools that work for my brain.

I love learning and sharing tips and tools that boost productivity but also honor the importance of rest!

About my Journey:


My lived experience with trauma is what initially brought me to yoga practice and continues to be my inspiration to use these tools to create lasting change in the world. I came to yoga out of desperation, seeking relief from panic attacks in my late teens. This was my first experience of practicing intentional self regulation.

I credit yoga with much of the self awareness and growth that has followed over the last 15 years. However, I have also been in yoga spaces that have caused me physical and emotional harm. Some of this was due to the marginalized parts of my identity that don’t fit cleanly into a modern vision of yoga culture. Most of it was due to common misunderstandings of what yoga practice actually is.

My journey really began when I realized that my brain and body aren’t problems that need to be ‘fixed’. Working with self acceptance has a noticeable effect on my ability to be present with who I am. Previously, I was using yoga practice as another way to bully myself into thinking that I’m not good enough yet. This made my daily practice feel like a chore that I had to prepare myself for, rather than something I looked forward to. The idea of fixing my body through regular, rigorous practice frequently left me injured.

There were times that I felt compelled to walk away from yoga, recognizing how imperfect and potentially harmful it can be. Luckily, the internet is a beautiful place, filled with others who feel the way I do. Once I found them, I immersed myself in teachings centered on loving acceptance and adaptive practices that meet people where they are at. I now dedicate myself to providing these teachings equitably.

About my Teaching Style and Classes:


  • My classes are taught through a trauma-responsive, justice focused lens
  • Self love, acceptance and liberation above all else!
  • I believe strongly in the power of personal ritual
  • I am not a healer – but I’d love to facilitate space for you to heal yourself
  • In my classes, movement is taught to help you recognize what it feels like to be in your body
  • I don’t use anatomical language or specific physical cues on how you “should” be moving
  • I generally don’t give feedback because there’s no way to do yoga incorrectly – all movement is valid
  • I’d like to make meditation seem less intimidating, particularly for us wiggly folks

My goal as a facilitator is to establish a culture of loving and honoring all beings (including ourselves!). The spaces I hold are intended to be a supportive of developing self awareness and self regulation skills.

I try to lead classes that provide space for participants to notice what they feel in their bodies and make choices that best suit them. I provide variations for every movement I teach and demonstrate how to use various props (like pillows, blankets, books) to enhance your experience. Most of my classes are taught from a chair and intended to be practiced in a chair, but I give options for folks who might want to try some, or all of our practice standing. I also teach weekly bed yoga classes, if that’s more your style!

My Certifications and Training

This list (and my studies) are a work in progress and will be updated in the future.

Transforming Conflict into Collaboration – The People Part – 2024

Applying Embodied Empathy 3 week course – Playback Theatre North America – 2024

The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming Overwhelm with Jacqueline McCullough – 2024

Creating a Wellness Action Recovery Plan – Jennifer Henry and Advocacy Unlimited – 2024

Suicide Prevention Skills – Dr. Jessa Navidé – 2024

The Politics of Trauma – Somatic Healing for Social Justice Orgs – Staci Haines – 2023-2024

Pregnancy Options Counselor training – All Options – 2023

Transformative Justice 8 week course – OPIRG Canada – 2023

Conscious Marketing with Tristan Katz – 2023

De-escalation and Emotional Regulation Techinques – Ami Davis – 2023

Exploring the Long Term Effects on IPV and SA Survivors – HopeWorks of HC – 2023

Active Listening – Dale Carnegie – 2023

Transformative Communication Tools – C&C Search – 2023

Trauma-Informed Teacher Training (20 hours) – Three and a Half Acres Yoga – 2022

Abortion Companion Training – Dopo – 2022

Culture and Bias training – Ami Davis – 2022

Nonviolent Communication skills – The Relationship Foundation – 2022

Instigating Resilience – Ami Davis – 2022

Responding to Mental Health Emergencies – Mindspring Mental Health Allliance – 2022

Yoga, Trauma and the Nervous System – Nourish Yoga – 2022

Focus and Flow – Mado Hesselink – 2022

Accessible Yoga Training – The Accessible Yoga School – 2022

Sanskrit Immersion level 1 and 2 – The American Sanskrit Institute – 2021

Reiki Level 1 – Ed Cleveland – 2021

Yoga For Parkinsons – Sacred Rivers Yoga – 2018

RYT-200 – Sacred Rivers Yoga – 2016


Anything I missed? Want to Know More?

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